Insulated metal panels can be provided by Metl-Span, Kingspan, Green Span Profiles and All Weather Insulated Panels



Doors are one of the most important items that can make or break the smooth operation of a facility. The many demands of extreme temperature differentials, traffic flow as well as providing a frost free environment are just some of the reasons to choose AIR DOORS. The superior performance, reduced energy costs and low maintenance are just a few reasons to consider AIR DOORS for your next facility or to retro-fit current applications.  


With new food products coming to the market every day, our clients need the flexibility to reconfigure refrigerated spaces. CURTAIN WALLS have been used for many years to accomplish this need. CURTAIN WALLS are capable of zone temperatures differentials of up to 40 degrees. The flexible construction allows for easy movement, impact resistance as well as providing an 'R' value to ensure temperature zone efficiency.


We use only the best components in our canopy systems. All framing systems are G-90 galvanized to minimize any chance of rusting. All finished components are warrantied for 20 years. We can custom design various shapes and sizes to be both functional as well as architecturally pleasing.


Cold storage doors are an essential aspect of cold storage construction. With 'R' values up to 42, these style of doors has may applications covered! Whether they are installed in exterior or interior applications, an "air-tight" seal is provided. We offer many styles including personnel swing doors, horizontal and vertical sliding, bi-parting or single piece truck dock doors. Many finished and hardware options are available to meet your needs!   


Today's building projects require energy efficiency, versatility and an ease of installation. We deal with interior building temperatures ranging from -40 to +72 degrees. The number one goal is to maintain these temperatures while keeping the heat and humidity out of your facility. Insulated metal wall, ceiling and roof panels are designed with these needs in mind. Panel system 'R' values range from 18 to as high as 49! With the hidden fastening clip design, multiple color and finishes, FM approval; insulated panels are the logical choice for your next building project! We are also proud to offer "fire-rated" insulated panels providing a 1 to 3 hour rating.


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